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KinaeSonic Co Lab brings together improvisers from different dance and music styles to discover what new conversations they can have in the moment.

This dynamic and theatrical performance will take you on a journey in rhythm and motion that traverses an exciting range of dance and music cultures.

Something Smashing bring improvisers together to hurtle and dive across bounda-ries between dance, physical theatre, music and comedy. They will present a series of completely spontaneous improvisations between combinations of dancers and musicians from different backgrounds.

With no script to follow, movement shapes unforeseen music and emerging patterns of sound in turn construct the dance. Seizing on moment by moment responses and an intense focus on each other’s decisions in a shared space, this is live, unrepeatable performance that creates magic in the here and now.

Booking for this closes Monday 17 October, 6pm.

Please note: you can instead purchase the Monday day ticket which includes this event among others, click here for details.


Landscape header image by Lucas Kao.


Performance and Jam with KinaeSonic Co Lab and Something Smashing
presented at Fisher Gate Point

Fisher Gate Point, 3 Fishergate Point
Nottingham, NG1 1GD United Kingdom

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