Image by Esther Camacho Cerezo

Jess Murray is a dance artist, producer, educator and researcher interested in the relationship between dance and music, or sound and movement and improvised performance.

Her eclectic music background and interest in visual and performing arts have led her to collaborate with a wide range of different musicians and artists, performing in theatres, music venues, festivals, street-based and outdoor performances.

Jess has collaborated with musicians, visual artists and creative technologists on projects such as the Arts Council England funded projects SoundMoves and Sound Catchers Jess is an associate artist with QuestLab Network at Studio Wayne McGregor which explores the uses of creative technologies in dance and performance.

Jess is currently undertaking a practice research Ph.D funded by Midland4Cities at De Montfort University researching Improvisational Dramaturgy for Dance and Music Collaboration.

Jess also leads the collective endeavour KinaeSonic. KinaeSonic creates opportunities to engage through discussion, workshops and performances through the ongoing performance pro-ject KinaeSonic Co Lab and the conference KinaeSonic Conversa-tions in Motion.

KinaeSonic provides a space to explore dance and music collabora-tion from a variety of creative and cultural practices; continually learn-ing and sharing strategies for supporting dramaturgical thinking in im-provisation-as-performance making.

The project developed as a part of Jess’s practice research Ph.D re-search project ‘Facilitating Dramaturgical Thinking in Dance and Music Collaborative Improvisation-as-performance’ at the Centre for Interdis-ciplinary Research in Dance at De Montfort University funded by Mid-land4Cities. KinaeSonic has been established to share and develop this research by engaging with the wider arts sector and general pub-lic, as well as explore the continuation of this work beyond the scope of the Ph.D research.

KinaeSonic aims to engage the arts sector, creative communities and the general public in dialogue about how improvisation-as-performance in dance and music collaboration and dramaturgical practices might inform one-another.


Landscape header image by Martin Markowski.
Portrait image by Esther Camacho Cerezo.