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Ephemeral Artifacts is a non-linear journey through the evolution of jazz and tap.

It celebrates the body as a space of transmission and dance as a defiant act of creating knowledge. Featuring tap artist Travis Knights this work integrates music, video and storytelling. It unravels the body as a site of consequence and celebrates the act of dancing as a form of resistance.

Ephemeral Artifacts is a repertoire production of Ānandam’s choreographed by Brandy Leary. Created in 2017 it exists in different iterations, each with a diverse cast of artists. Since 2017 the work has been shown in gallery, theatre and public space contexts. Ephemeral Artifacts: Travis Knights features magnetic tap artist Travis Knights. This unique collaboration between Leary and Knights offers a multidisciplinary journey that unsettles standard traditions of choreography, improvisation and collective creation.

The performance will be followed by a 30 minutes post-show talk where co-creators Travis Knights and Brandy Leary reflect on the process of making of the piece.


Suitable for all.

Booking for this event will close Monday 17 October, 5pm.

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Landscape header image by Eamon McMahon.


Co-Choreographer, Director, Dramaturge: Brandy Leary
Co-Choreographer, Performer, Composer: Travis Knights
Lighting Design: Siobhán Sleath
Sculpture/Set Design: Nithya Garg
Video Design/Cinematography: Eamon Mac Mahon
Developed and Produced by Ānandam

KinaeSonic Symposium: Ephemeral Artifacts by Ānandam
presented at iC4C

iC4C, Space 2
Nottingham, NG3 2AR

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