Image by Eamon McMahon

ĀNANDAM creates contemporary performances with diverse aesthetic models that centre the body. We engage in rigorous examinations of form, content and context. Our projects contribute to understanding the evolving contemporary in dance.

Brandy Leary
Brandy is a choreographer and dancer. She creates contemporary performances informed by dance, martial arts, circus and theatre. The dances she creates examine structural questions on the body, space and audience. Her works have been described as “phenomenological interventions” (Canadian Theatre), “soulful and sensuous” (NYTimes) and “embodying a hallucinatory, dreamlike state” (NOW Magazine). She is the founder and Artistic Director of ĀNANDAM.

Travis Knights
Travis Knights is a tap dancer, born in Montreal. Travis was inspired to dance by Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis Jr. Introduced to the rich oral tradition of Tap by his teacher Ethel Bruneau at age 10, Travis went on to travel the world spreading his love of rhythm across 4 continents, touring with Tap Dogs, and Tapestry Dance Company. His felt responsibility for community is at the base of everything.

In 2019 Travis finished a two year community development residency at the Tranzac Club in Toronto hosting the Jazz United Jam, a weekly jazz jam session aimed at connecting live musicians with dancers. He currently lives in Brampton, Ontario and hosts The Tap Love Tour Podcast, available on spotify, soundcloud and apple podcasts, featuring interviews with a myriad of inspiring tap dance artists.


Landscape and portrait image by Eamon McMahon.