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Join Usha’s Be-ing–in–touch taster session, bringing touch to our sense of well being through creative, playful, sensitive and respectful explorations.

Be-ing in touch was born out of the pandemic when be-ing apart has meant for so many the contact of physical connection has been sparse – if at all.

Touch is a vital part of our being – our health and well being. Our skin is our largest organ, an incredible universe of functions and nourishments.

Usha has been in residency at iC4C and has invited those in her community who have missed positive affirmative touch on a gentle adventure. Join Usha as she shares some of the processes and tools in this workshop. This session is looking to bring touch to our sense of well being through informative, creative, playful, sensitive and respectful explorations.

Participant feedback

“I walked in feeling anxious and walked out feeling so settled and grounded. It’s brought me back to my body and now it’s wanting more!”

“All this is new to me – I don’t understand bodies at all – its’ so invigorating and relaxing at the same time!”

“…you don’t realise how much you crave touch until you receive touch  – thank you for creating such a welcoming space.  It’s been a great experience – so good to feel back in touch with myself!”

“… [Usha] woke up the curiosity in me as [she] attended to layers of touch in so many different and interesting ways. I felt at ease from the beginning” 

Please bring an item you enjoy the feel of – in softness or texture.

Suitable for ages 18 and over.

You may also be interested in attending Usha’s Be-ing in touch performance on Saturday 29 October, sharing the outcomes of her research residency at iC4C. Click here for full details and booking.

Online booking for this workshop closes Wednesday 26 October, 2pm.


Landscape header image by Christine Haywood.

Be-ing-in-touch Workshop with Usha Mahenthiralingam
presented at iC4C

iC4C, Space 2
Nottingham, NG3 2AR

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