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Being-in-touch was born out of the pandemic when be-ing a-part has meant for so many the contact of physical connection has been sparse – if at all.

Touch is a vital part of our being – our health and well being.
Our skin is our largest organ, an incredible universe of functions and nourishments!

Usha’s residency has invited those in her community who have missed positive affirmative touch on a gentle adventure. She has brought the gifts of our skin and the aliveness of touch to our sense of wellbeing through informative, creative, playful, sensitive and respectful explorations.

This session offers a glimpse into the process thus far – diverse approaches currently unfolding as part of her residency will be shared as a ‘somethingness’ honouring touch and our epic skin!

There is a small practical element to this sharing and you are invited to participate and experience some of the ‘hands on’ and ‘at the tips of fingers’ elements of her work.


Suitable for all.

Please bring an item you enjoy the feel of – in softness or texture.

Online booking closes Saturday 29 October, 2pm.


Landscape header image by Christine Haywood.

Be-ing-in-touch by Usha Mahenthiralingham
presented at iC4C

iC4C, Space 2
Nottingham, NG3 2AR

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