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Fort Notts are bringing an exhibition event showcasing the Nottingham street-dance community and also inviting their friends from across the country to bring you:
– Free taster workshops
– Free performances
– and wrapping this all up with a 5v5 exhibition battle.

Vommy Boys (Litefeet)
Go Getter Poppers (Poppin’)
JME Dance Company

Jamal Sterret
Go Getter Poppers
JME Dance Company
Take1 Dance

Four established and recognised battle dancers from Nottingham and four from outside of Nottingham have been invited to shape the exhibition battle. The four dancers from Nottingham will represent Nottingham with a team captain and they will battle the four dancers from outside of Nottingham challenging them with their team captain. The battle will run for approximately 30 minutes with each battler taking turns to showcase and win the crowd over.

One more place in each team is yet to be selected and will be chosen on the day by the team captains via a cypher. A cypher is a circle of dancers with one dancer in the middle sharing and showcasing their dance.

Two cyphers will be held during the day – Nottingham team captain Taiwo will be picking the last spot from the Nottingham cypher and team captain of the opposition, Kashmir will choose the last spot for this team.

Schedule for the day:

12PM: Nottingham cypher (selection for last Nottingham 5v5 spot)
12.35PM: Live performance – Jamal Sterrett
12.40PM: Live performance – Omni
12.45PM: INTERVAL (Live DJ)
1PM: Workshop – Vommy Boys
1.25PM: Live Performance – Vommy Boys
1.30PM: INTERVAL (Live DJ)
1.45PM: Out of Town Cypher (selection for last out of town 5v5 spot)
2.15PM: INTERVAL (Live DJ)
2.30PM: Workshop – Go Getter Poppers
2:55PM: Live Performance – Go Getter Poppers
3.15PM: Workshop – JME Dance Company
3.40PM: Live Performance – JME Dance Company
3.45PM: INTERVAL (Live DJ)
4PM: Live Performance – Take 1 Dance/Family Involvement
4.15PM: 5 vs 5 Exhibition Battle
5PM: Close

The event will take place in the upper mall of Victoria Centre near “Ed’s Diner”.

The day will be hosted by Fort Notts. Fort Notts is a collective of existing organisations and individuals within the street dance community in Nottingham. This Fort Notts event is brought together by Take 1 Dance, Unite the Scene and Go Getter Poppers. Fort Notts are also hosting The Workshop Series as part of Nottdance 2022.

Suitable for all.

Fort Notts Exhibition: Workshops Performances and Battle
presented at victoria centre

victoria centre NG1 3QN United Kingdom