Tara Fatehi, image by Jemima Yong

Tara Fatehi works with performance, writing, movement, video and voice. Her work engages with ambiguity, playfulness, mistranslation, disjunction, fragmentation and unfinishedness.

Tara started her practice as a performer and performance-maker in Iran in 2006 and since then has performed internationally including at the Royal Academy of Arts, United Nations Office at Geneva, International Theatre Amsterdam, Montpelier Danse, Battersea Arts Centre, Nuffield Theatre, Chapter and Molavi Theatre as well as on the streets, in parks, houses, museums, galleries, a gym, a nuclear bunker and a former church.

Her recent works include Mishandled Archive, dispersing 365 fragments of family documents through dance and photography; Always Already, an 8-hour duet performance with Karen Christopher; a place to sit, a performance for camera in conversation with women displaced by the wars in Afghanistan; From the Lips to the Moon, a night of experimental music and poetry in London with Pouya Ehsaei.

With an interest in the meeting point of repetition, multivocality, history and the everyday, Tara has worked extensively on activating archives and memories of sites and bodies through performance. Her book Mishandled Archive was published in 2020 (London, LADA).

In 2021, Tara was the first ever resident artist at the United Nations Archives at Geneva.