Image by Scott Green

Spanning over a decade, Julie and Robbie’s practice is shaped by a friendship and adventurous spirit that explores where and how they are able to share time and space together.

Julie and Robbie’s practice investigates how they can be/sit/move together in different physical places and terrains. As a result, they design and make objects to help them overcome access challenges. Their actions are collected through film documentation and provide a context for sharing their practice and the many themes arising in performances and discussions.

Julie Cleves is a London-based performance and dance artist. Julie initially studied BA (Hons) Fine Art and MA Art and Design in Leeds. Increasing her physical practice and training, Julie has worked with a number of dance and theatre companies nationally and internationally including Graeae, Mark Brew, Scottish Dance Theatre and SPINN (Sweden).

Robbie Synge works with physical and choreographic forms to investigate the potentials of different human bodies, other species and physical features. Based in an area of on-going landscape restoration in the Highlands, he is often occupied with connections between the wellbeing of people and of the land and other species. His projects tend to pursue long-term working relationships with people of broad ages and relationships to arts.


Landscape header image and portrait image by Scott Green.